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Foreign Influence Disclosure

WHAT to Report

Various government agencies have identified foreign interests and activities that should be disclosed/reported, including:

  • Foreign funding
  • Unfunded (in-kind) resources
  • Unfunded services of visiting scholars, employees, and students
  • Participation in foreign government entity and foreign government talent recruitment programs
  • Foreign sponsored travel
  • Honoraria or stipends
  • Funded or unfunded services
  • Foreign collaborations
  • Unauthorized foreign national access to US government information, equipment, and/or technologies

WHERE to Report

Disclosures should be made through the University’s Business Relationship Reporting (BRR) System

  • Additionally, disclosures should be:
    • Updated at least annually
    • Reported within thirty (30) days of establishing a relationship with a foreign entity
  • Current certification in BRR is required prior to:
    • Submission of proposal to OSP
    • Review of an application by the IRB
Last Updated: 3/20/23