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International Travel Guidance

  • Register all foreign travel with Travel and Reimbursement Services.
  • Insure all international travel.
  • It is recommended to use a clean loaner laptop for international travel
    • A clean loaner laptop may be requested from your Department IT or the Office of Foreign Influence
  • Follow international travel IT recommendations
    • Move working documents to a BOX account/folder that could be accessed and worked from while abroad and remove any unnecessary or privileged information from a laptop or device prior to travel
    • Enable duo-authentication
    • Use a VPN or a secure connection (avoid public connections and public workstations)
    • Change passwords when returning
  • Safeguard your cell phone by removing any unsecure information from your phone prior to international travel and not accessing such information during your travels.
  • Be aware of any potentially applicable export control regulations for your travel destination(s).
Last Updated: 3/20/23